Has the guitar become antiquated or has Nepotism taken over?

   I left Trenton Ontario to move to Toronto in 2004 to attend Humber College's guitar program and get my playing career going. Seven years later I still haven't made as much as i used to make playing the bars in the Quinte area. Wanna know why? Nobody cares about how well you play the guitar. In Toronto, people would rather hire somebody they know who is somewhat proficient than a smokin' player. Case in point, I went to check out a friend playing at a bar in the east end some time ago and he had a guitarist who had attended Humber and was popular amongst his friends. This guy had a Bachelors Degree in Music by the way. His playing was boring as shit and he stood on the stage like he needed to poop for two hours. This guy is in at least ten bands in the city. Why? Because he is fun to hang out with, or he is a nice guy or aiousefoiaweganeaklwefoiawefhipoa. Whatever. you get the point right?
   The guitar doesn't matter any more to a lot of people. As long as someone is holding one on stage and hitting it with some degree of rhythmic accuracy nobody cares. The most important thing is "can I hang out with this guy/girl after the gig and does he/she agree with everything I say?". Toronto is a tough city to be a guitarist in if you are the stereotypical introverted artist. 
My advice to guitarists, ignore singers. They get gigs because the average listener needs to hear words to understand anything. Ignore crowds because they are filled with people who hear with their eyes. Ignore money because it will only make you feel worthless.
5/12/2012 18:34:15

I really like your playing, and I don't give a shit about introverted/extroverted. I also happen to think you're a great guy to hang out with...for whatever that's worth, seeing as how part of my "bag" is singing. :)

5/12/2012 20:06:00

Man fuck those idiots. I know what mean though and that pisses me Off. The rock n roll world is a different place nOw a days n u have a better chance makin it of ur a skinny Yates dumb lookin fuck who knows how to strum a guitar then if u can rock everyone's world n have spent a life time learning to play n really feel a guitar but if it makes a difference man you tought me the true meaning of playing the guitar. U tought me to feel n hear the music n today I still play m write n love the guitar n that's because of you. I would never beable to take what's in my head n turn it into music if it wasn't for you taking hours out of your life teaching me true guitar n for that I thank you

5/13/2012 00:26:37

Someone should have told you rock n roll is a vicious game, and it's a long way to the top when you rock and roll. See what I did there.

9/3/2013 02:39:46

Just dropped by to say hello, so, hello mate!


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